Urban Thresholds

The ‘Nullübung’ for the Master Studio ‘Deviant Architectures’ is based on a fragment of the streetscape of Turmstrassse in Berlin, which serves as the backdrop for specific urban interventions that combine living and commercial/non-profit activities. Instead of following the development logic of existing block divisions, the project proposals should question existing typologies and regulations in order to introduce more spatial variety in regard of the relationship between public and private. The interventions are therefore aiming at the stimulation of activities that are situated at the threshold between inside and outside.

According to urban sociologist Hans Bahrdt urbanity is defined by the polar dichonomy between ‘Stilisierung’, between exposure to public life and various manifestations of otherness on one side and the retreat of each individual subjectivity on the other. The more this dichotomy is articulated, the more we experience urbanity (in contrast to the blurred situation between public and private as it appears in more rural conditions).

How can we formulate this relationship between exposure and retreat in spatial terms? How can we conceive interfaces allowing multiple identities to coexist along the stretch of a streetscape?

Through the development of specific programmatic scenarios and user profiles the design of thresholds is serving for the formation of cultural diversity and enhanced urbanity.


Please finish your work on the model until thursday 5 pm in the studio of Prof. Stollmann, room A815.

The model will then be set up in ‚Halle7‘.