Big Form — Small Grain Constellations and Aggregations for Future Living In the first phase of the semester project we are investigating existing housing projects in view of their performative qualities and typological configurations. Divided into 4 categories (slab, cluster, table, terrace) the relationship between s and xl, between the parts and the whole is… Read more »


PIV Typology Research Multi-Service Centers Typological Constellations of Multi-Service Centers For the ‘project integrated research’ (PIV) the M-ARCH T studio investigates building types that are operating as local hubs offering a variety of programs such as civic functions, multi-service facilities and commercial units. Through the analysis of existing reference projects from the international context various… Read more »


Configuration of Living Models and Building Systems For the first design phase of the semester project we will focus on the development of a building system that is configured according to a variety of possible living models. Based on a specific idea of collective housing the system should allow to serve for private as well… Read more »


In Master Studio, the redevelopment of existing construction standards serves as a basis for the design of a large housing complex. How can we guarantee aesthetic and programmatic qualities on the small scale level that would foster economic reproduction on the level of big scale developments? How can we introduce housing standards for efficiency in… Read more »


The ongoing research project ‚Big Form – Small Grain‘, undertaken in collaboration with Yokohama Graduate School of Architecture Y-GSA, investigates typologies for collectivity addressing the question of the relationship between the parts and the whole. While big form refers to the concentration and grouping of individual programmatic units within the overall urban context, small grain… Read more »


  TOWER OF BABEL The Nullübung for the Master Studio ‘open standard’ is dealing with the verticalization of a series of 2-storey housing units that are stacked on top of each other in order to form the Tower of Babel. The goal of the exercise is to design experimental housing units that are accessed through… Read more »


As follow-up on the previous research ‚Spaces of Commoning‘ the seminar is dealing with the communication of architectural ideas through various modes of representations and visualizations. How can architecture communication translate the narratives and performative intentions of architectural production into physical models? The seminar works will contribute to the exhibition project ‚Atlas of Commoning‘ organized… Read more »