The Nullübung for the Master Studio ‘open standard’ is dealing with the verticalization of a series of 2-storey housing units that are stacked on top of each other in order to form the Tower of Babel.
The goal of the exercise is to design experimental housing units that are accessed through one continuous circulation connecting the apartments with an external corridor (Laubengang).
An investigation of existing reference projects serves as a starting point for the development of typological variations. The research on the reference project is focused on programmatic and spacial relationships.
What is the constellation between public, collective and private areas? Where are the serving and served spaces located? How far does the configuration allow flexibility and adaptation to diverse lifestyles?


Based on the interpretation of the reference apartment units have to be designed within the given 2–storey volume. With the transfer of conceptual aspects of the reference new scenarios for individual and collective living have to be developed and translated into a design proposal.
By transferring specific conceptual observations from the reference to the given 2-storey volume, a new narrative for experimental living under contemporary conditions has to be envisioned.


–reference project
–2–storey volume (based on specific dimensions of the footprint
  according to the selected spot)


–design of apartments within the given volume based on a
   conceptual transfer and represented in a model (1/50 scale)
–description of the concept transfer from the reference to the design proposal


Wednesday Oct 11th — 10am  A815/Halle7

– Exercise sheet including schematic axonometric view and floor plan
– Selection of reference buildings

Hand-in and Presentation

Friday Oct 13th — 3pm-7pm  A815/Halle7


– Model scale 1:50, model material: KAPPA and hard foam
– The top- and bottom slab (between the 2-story units) has to be represented in 5mm  KAPPA
– The circulation between the stacked project has to be guaranteed
(see axonometric drawing)

Students bring their model and inscribe in the course on Friday 14.30pm.
Presentation of the projects starts at 15pm.
We will build up our Tower of Babel step by step followed by an explanation of the transfer/concept by the authors.


– Consistency of the transfer and concept idea
– Originality and clarity of architectural and spacial qualities
– Aesthetic and organizational qualities